What is SentWA?

SentWA is a cloud-based solution that provides automation for WhatsApp to send & receive messages with API. We also provide tools to send messages right from our dashboard and a WordPress plugin to install on your site.

Is SentWA an official API from WhatsApp?

No, SentWA is an independent standalone service not in partnership, sponsored, or endorsed by WhatsApp and Facebook, Inc. 

How does SentWA work?

Our system works by stimulating WhatsApp Web on a virtual server instance after you pair it to the system. The system works exactly the same as when you open WhatsApp Web on your computer. The only difference is the system has an automation tool to automate WhatsApp Web for your needs.

Can i use SentWA for my e-commerce site?

Yes, you can use SentWA for your e-commerce site, especially if your site is a WooCommerce based. We have a SentWA WooCommerce plugin for instant integration with your e-commerce site.

What version of WhatsApp app can i use?

You can use any version of WhatsApp, personal or business version but you are required to join Multi-Device Beta for SentWA to work.

Whose number will be the sender to send the message?

Your number will be the sender when you send messages. You are required to pair your WhatsApp account to system before using it.

Does SentWA work in all countries?

Yes, SentWA works with all numbers from any country code as long the number is connected to WhatsApp.

Is SentWA Safe? What about data security and privacy?

Absolutely. Only you and the person who knows the access token & instance id able to control your WhatsApp account. All server instances are generated randomly right after you pair it and destroy itself when you logout it.

Do i have to connect my phone to internet continuously?

No, you don't need to have an active internet connection every time on your phone. SentWA works on Multi-Device mode which means automation will always work even your phone goes offline.

Can i open WhatsApp Web on my computer after connecting it to SentWA?

Yes, SentWA works on WhatsApp Multi-Device Mode which means you can open WhatsApp Web up to 4 different devices.

Can i send broadcast messages to my contact lists?

Yes, you can send broadcasts to your valid contact lists with our broadcast feature. But as you may know, WhatsApp has strict policies about sending unsolicited marketing messages, illicit content, or spam. Sending unwanted messages to users causes the number to get reported and would put your number at a high risk of getting banned.

What programming language can i use for API integration?

You can use any programming language that can perform post request to our API endpoint, such as cURL, httpie, Postman, and many more.

Do i need additional tools to create chatbot?

No, you don't need any additional tools. SentWA has a graphical chatbot builder that you can use to set reply messages based on keywords.

Can i change WhatsApp number in my existing instance?

Feel free to pair and unpair the number on SentWA dashboard. You can do it any time by logging out the device and connecting it to the new one.

What type of media files can be sent?

You can send any type of files like images (JPEG, PNG, WEBP, GIF), videos (MP4, 3GPP), audios (MP3, OGG, MP4, ACC) and documents (PDF, PPT, PPTX, DOCX, DOC, ZIP, RAR).

What kind of subscription model in SentWA?

SentWA subscription model is an account-based subscription. This means all of your WhatsApp numbers will remain active as long your account has an active subscription.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept paypal for international users and bank transfer, qris, e-wallet (OVO, Dana) for Indonesian users.

What if i pay late until the subscription expired?

Your service will be terminated and you need to renew it. Please note all instances will delete once the service is terminated.

Can i request a refund after subscribed?

Unfortunately we don't provide refund requests. You can register and get 3 full-day trial to ensure the service suits your need.

I still have another question. Where can I ask?

You can click on the floating WhatsApp widget on this site to connect with our customer support.